meeting4display solution

Terra Nova (Asia) Co., Limited

meeting4display solution

Terra Nova (Asia) Co., Limited

Smart meeting room management

Meeting4Display Solution

Smart meeting room management supports from few to hundreds room located in one or multi sites through company or could message system

Secure & Automated Centralized management & remote control capability .

Book your meeting room directly from the touch screen at the entrance of the meeting room or from your Outlook or other cloud messaging system

Meeting4Display lightweight and scalable infrastructure supports from few rooms to hundreds

  • Display meeting room’s statues on displays located at the entrance for room availability
  • Display customization: indicate the name of the room, the topic of current and future meetings, as well as their organizers’s identity. It’s also possible to indicate that a
  • meeting is private
  • Visualize upcoming meetings:
  • Timeline: the days’ timeline is displayed at the bottom of the display, allowing the user easily and quickly see room’s status. Book the room directly by clicking on one of the slots

    Availability light indicator: turn on a LED light to indicate the room’s status (green:free/ red:booked)

    • Centralized management:manage your touch screens remotely: update, monitor, alarms, inventories…
    • Secure the management of your meeting rooms

      User authentication:

      Meeting4Display features authentication by PIN code or NFC in order to access the reservation. Thus, meeting rooms may only be booked by authorized personal, ideal especially in places frequented by persons external to the company. Also Meeting4Display could hide access to booking actions from the touch display, making booking only possible via the company’s message system

      Optimize the management of your rooms

      Meeting room occupancy statistics:

      Collect occupancy statistics for your meeting rooms and optimize their use: Number of meetings over a period, time and percentage of occupancy…

      Digital Promotion

      Promoting corporate information with display tablet by configuring a standby/promotion loop

      An interaction with the tablet automatically interrupts the loop and displays the Meeting4Display application