Windows Server 2016 Minimal

Tidal Media Inc

Windows Server 2016 Minimal

Tidal Media Inc

Cloud-ready operating system designed specially for an easy transition to cloud computing

Windows Server 2016 Minimal

Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-ready operating system, which introduced technologies for an easy transition to Cloud computing and adding new layers of security to secure your organization’s infrastructure.

Minimal release optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and minimal security cross-section. It contains a subset of the Server Graphical Shell components, making it faster and more resource-efficient than a Server Graphical Shell installation.

Windows Server 2016 benefits:

  • Migrate to Cloud when you are ready

  • You can now easily migrate to Cloud with Hyper-V.

  • Low Storage Costs

  • Get affordable storage costs and high performance with the software-defined storage capabilities in Windows Server 2016.

  • Application Innovation

  • Run your existing Applications on Windows Server 2016 without modifying them. With modern DevOps environments, you can easily transform the way; you develop, run and deploy.

This one-click deployment and ready-to-run Image from Tidal Media Inc. is the one-click deployment and ready-to-run, designed to use in minimum requirements, it makes simplify the developers to install applications that are just needed.

Perfect solution to serve as a platform for running networked applications - Deploy Now