TriFact365 Future Proof Accounting

TriFact365 B.V.

TriFact365 Future Proof Accounting

TriFact365 B.V.

Submit, approve and automate journal entries. For invoices and expenses.

Invoice scanning software

Accelerate your accounting software with our plugin for realtime invoice scanning. Save time and money.

One integration with a worldwide platform for invoice scanning software

With TriFact365 invoice scanning software you make instant journal entries. Our software plugin integrates with the top 10 accounting software.
  • All in one place. Receive, scan, book, and approve invoices and receipts
  • One standard process and workflow for all journal entries
  • Connect with one platform and adopt the newest technology

Wherever you’re processing invoices and receipts we’re there to help you save time and money

With TriFact365 you maximize savings with every journal entry. You profit from internal knowledge for smoother entries in your accounting software. We are your guide in the world of bookkeeping and we automate your invoice processing with our software.

Innovative Scan and Recognitize techniques

With TriFact365 you unlock the combined powers of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic accounting and OCR software.

Meet our accounting robot

Receive a fully automatic booking proposal within seconds. A visual check is all that remains and where necessary you can quickly make an adjustment. After this, the journal entry with PDF is immediately recorded in your administration.
  • Submit and upload through e-mail, portal and mobile app
  • Receive automated journal entries (line-item)
  • Approve your invoices and expenses

Discover the features of Europe's easiest scan and recognition software

  • Fast and accurate recognition
  • Journal entries up to line level
  • Option to group by VAT code
  • Automatic marking of recognized data
  • File formats: UBL, XML, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, DOC, XLS
  • Proposal for new relations (Chamber of Commerce integration)
  • IBAN check
  • Transitory booking, payment reference etc.

Fully transparent rates with Scan and Recognize

We use a unique pricing model for a better overview of all booking documents.