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Vision Box

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Vision Intelligence - Plug-n- play technology driving insight from Video Data

Vision Box solution accentuates digital transformation for businesses by bringing the best of AI technology and video(vision) analytics in the form of a simple plug -n -play box (hence the name) that can be incorporated with the existing video/cctv infrastructure of the business. Its capabilities include addressing real time service disruptions to providing AI insights that support informed decision making and predicting future outcomes. 

Using Azure Virtual Machine to deploy Vision Platform. We have the capability to push data to Azure IoT Hub services & Azure Blob containers.

Derive the right Digital Transformation strategy, derive new contexts (business insights) by automating mundane tasks, attain new levels of safety and compliance through surveillance. The solution also helps to better design your customer engagement strategies, understand the productivity soars, identify revenue leaks and improve quality(reduce wastages). Redefine your sales planning, unearth new dimensions to your revenue streams.

Technology -

  • Azure edge& stack
  • Azure IoT event HUB
  • Azure container registry
  • Azure streaming analytics 

Benefits -

  • Plug & Play mode ensures fast deployment and “AI ready store” in matter of weeks
  • Non-Intrusive data collection using existing camera infrastructure itself
  • Preloaded with 100+ field proven AI solutions for operational excellence and competitive edge
  • Increase Sales conversion up by 15-25%, store efficiency by 25% and revenue by at least 5-10%

Features -

  • Easily Scalable ‘AI Baked’ devices to cater to multiple camera configurations (8/25/50/100, IP/DVR/NVR)
  • Fully @Edge inference. All video processing on-premise
  • Plug & Play mode ensures fast deployment and “AI ready store” in matter of weeks
  • Remote support enables us to add intelligence bundles seamlessly
  • Tech specs – box comes preloaded with OS.
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