Open Source IT Monitor Platform


Open Source IT Monitor Platform


Pre-configured, customizable, secure, one-click to deploy Zabbix on Azure

This product integrates Zabbix, which is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. It uses a flexible notification mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail based alerts for virtually any event. Zabbix offers excellent reporting and data visualisation features based on the stored data. This makes it ideal for capacity planning.

Image Components

Zabbix_server(Zabbix) 5.2 / 5.4, Nginx 1.20, MySQL 8.0, phpMyAdmin 5.1, Docker 20.10 on CentOS / Ubuntu

VM requirements

CPU no less than 1 core, Memory no less than 2G

Applicable Scene

Monitor all kinds of network parameters, ensure the safe operation of the server, and provide flexible notification mechanism for system administrators to quickly locate/solve various problems.

Why use VMLab Image?

VMLab is an authorized reseller of Websoft9 , which has a wide range of open source integrated solutions, from infrastructure, Containers, Databases, DevOps, to AI, Website application, and the IoT.
These images are packaged by Websoft9 using industry best practices .They are opensoure,stable,reliable,easy to use,secure,continually updated. The images are not free, we think you need a partner who can provide a good product and timely support for your business. We can provide both of them for you.

Intellectual Property Statement

This stack of this offer includes a wide range of open source and free software, but the Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks are legal protections for original owner.

Take Zabbix as an example:

-Zabbix is a registered trademark of Zabbix LLC.
-Zabbix is Free and Open Source Software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2, however, if you use Zabbix in a commercial context we kindly ask you to purchase some level of commercial support from Zabbix LLC.

If you are aware of a breach of the any IP in this offer, please don't hesitate to contact us:, we will correct it ASAP