Security.Service - 1 Hour Briefing

A3Cloud Solutions

This briefing will gives you overview Cloud-based security and provides practical information to help your business set up featured security solution with business productivity.

Our seasoned experts will show an importance of using advanced cybersecurity services that spans the entire threats surface, operates at scale, and based on AI and ML.


Receive an understanding of the modern cyber threat landscape, and the solutions to respond these challenges. A3Cloud will provide you with security assessment budget and next steps list to improve your Security in the Cloud.


  • Based on understanding of modern threats complexity for every type of business.
  • Review of modern cyberthreats together with Security services in Cloud to respond all challenges of the security.
  • Business goals in the cybersecurity.
  • Protection of Documents and Data.
  • E-mail protection (to safeguard against malicious threats posed by email messages, links and collaboration tools).
  • Identity protection.
  • EndUser device management and protection with conditional access. Managing global devices from the cloud.
  • Q&A session and next steps.

A3Cloud create solutions to increase your business productivity in private, public and hybrid scenarios. Our services are focused on private and safe collaboration tools, applications integration for workgroups and project teams, device management, corporate e-mail solutions, applications or databases re-architecture, end-to-end analytics implementation. Security.Service is to help organizations prepare, protect, monitor and detect, respond all challenges of the security lifecycle. Leveraging our competencies together with advanced technologies, we create and manage integrated solutions to maintain the compliances that you need to.