Introduction to SAP DR on Azure: 2 Hrs Briefing


Introduction to SAP DR on Azure Solution- back up key system SAP ERP on Azure cloud to minimize RPO and RTO when a disaster occurs

 Azure is the preferred cloud platform recommended by SAP for leading strength of security, compliance and business sustainability. For those who would like to make an attempt to embrace the cloud platform, backing up SAP ERP on Azure could be a first choice. Unlike on-Premise structure, system deployed on Azure could be flexibly adjusted to minimize RPO and RTO when a disaster occurs (Real-Time SAP Database Synchronize).
 If you’d like to evaluate SAP DR on Azure solution, InfoFab is a partner you can count on. InfoFab is SAP ERP consulting firm with high business momentum on Azure services. We’d extend our understanding of SAP ERP and integrate the capabilities of both Infra and Basis on Azure platform. The structure is designed to achieve sustainability, management agility, and of course security. Through this workshop, we’ll have an overall introduction to how SAP DR on Azure works and share the real case with you.

• Introduction to SAP DR on Azure • Benefits of SAP DR on Azure • Case sharing: SAP DR on Azure (Real-Time SAP Database Synchronize) • What services InfoFab can offer: from both Infra and Basis perspectives