App Modernization-3 day assessment


2bcloud App modernization services will hep you reduces the resources that are required to run an app, increase the reliability, scalability & resilience of your deployments while reducing your cost.

App modernization will simplify your growth

2bcloud’s Azure App Modernization methodology is built to deliver the highest value for your business. The process includes the further milestones: Assessment of current environment, gathering business challenges, goals, and KPI’s definition for success. Design, plan, and document the architecture recommendations, and cost estimates for future build and hosting with Microsoft Azure. Help you build the planned solution on Azure environment.

Benefits of App modernization: Reduce the resources required to run an application increase the frequency and reliability of deployments Improve uptime and resiliency Cut costs

The 2bcloud Building Blocks -Microsoft Azure Cloud: Cutting edge managed services for microservices, so that you can scale and run secure applications with confidence. -Automation and CI/CD: Automate the application build from end to end, dramatically reducing the failure rate, and speeding up your release cycle. -Intelligent Architecture: Use Microsoft Azure managed services to build a flexible, future-focused environment. Ensure minimal maintenance to keep costs low.

Why 2bcloud? We are a team of cloud experts, driven by the passion to help companies utilize the cloud to create great products. We made it our mission to work hand in hand with our clients, offering more than consultation. Together we explore new technologies and methodologies while saving them time and money. 2bcloud is one of a few Azure Expert MSP to be recognized as an App modernization advanced specialist.