Cloud Strategy: 2-Hr Briefing


Assess your cloud readiness, improve performance and start building competitive advantages. Get estimation of Azure costs and recommendations on how to optimize development or migration processes.

Focusing on the specific business goals, this offering is meant for technical leaders, looking to transform their vision into sophisticated and trust-worthy cloud solutions. Talk to one of our Senior Azure Consultants to discuss your current challenges related to:

  • Cloud applications design & architecture
  • Line-of-Business cloud native development and migration
  • High-performance web apps
  • Full-stack micro-services application development
  • Integration of cloud solutions and on-premise systems
  • Process automation
  • Big data governance and analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI

Book a free cloud strategy briefing and benefit from a vast array of outcomes, depending on your specific business case.

  • Actionable set of cloud migration preconditions
  • Estimation of cloud investment and comparison of alternatives
  • High-level code overview & corresponding performance tips
  • Cloud configuration mechanisms, targeting extended savings
  • Advice on data governance in the cloud