Data Maturity: 3week Assessment

AccTech Systems (Pty) Ltd

Assess your current data management environment and build a roadmap to a fully mature data management competency. Find the hidden pockets of excellence and leverage them to mature the rest of your bus

Build a comprehensive view of your current organisational data maturity level. Identify areas of excellence to replicate. Discover quick win business cases where improvements can be implemented by utilising the power of the Azure Cloud. Build your Data Maturity and Azure migration roadmap to enhance the data maturity across the organisation in a structured approach


  1. Assessment Overview We conduct an introductory session with the relevant stakeholders to provide an overview of the approach what is expected and what the outcomes will be.

  2. Executive Interviews Interviews with executive stakeholders are conducted to ensure the strategic objectives of the organisation will be aligned with the investigation and feedback. The cloud strategy will be utilised to inform the Azure roadmap development.

  3. Online Questionnaire All data stakeholders in the organisation is included in an anonymous online questionnaire with the ability to add comments and suggestions.

  4. Interpret Input – The feedback from the stakeholder interviews and the information gathered from the online questionnaire is validated and consolidated into a comprehensive feedback document with actionable suggestions.

  5. Feedback and Report Presentation The feedback document is presented back with the findings a suggestions including a roadmap for maturing the organisation. Areas for Azure migration or the implementation of Azure solutions will be highlighted.