Financial Branch of The Future 4-Week Implementation

Adastra Corporation

With Adastra's 4-week implementation service financial institutions can innovate and design a virtual branch on the Microsoft Azure Cloud to connect with their customers.

Increase revenue and profitability by anticipating and responding to customer needs, optimizing your organization, and managing risk. Adastra’s Financial Branch of the Future offers an ecosystem of intelligent, digital technologies, to transform your online and in-person customer experience, offering your customers the best value for their time and business.

The Financial Branch of the Future is a virtual branch that is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and leverages Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob storage to store your data. In addition, Digital Branch Users gain valuable insight into the customer activities taking place on the platform with Power BI-generated analytics. *Please refer to the Azure Architecture diagram on the left-hand side for a full view of how the platform is designed.*

With a comprehensive B2B/B2C platform your organization can enable the creation of an attractive presentation and communication with customers. Transition to one single platform with 24/7 availability and connect with your customers where your sales and account team is. Adastra will fill the gap between a physical branch and online sales. The platform allows for personalizing content for specific customers, real-time video calls in the Virtual Branch Environment and works in a browser as not to require VR hardware or special software

With comprehensive analytics, you can then easily measure the customer journey and iterate on the customer journey experience. And the platform allows you to define, set up, and continuously optimize these customer journeys. You can also prepare surveys on the platform to present to visitors to review sentiment. And all data can be integrated with your CRM, as well as all collaboration events integrated with Office 365 platforms (Outlook, Teams).

Benefits of the Virtual Branch:

  • Make customer service more personal and interactive

  • Ensure appropriate brand representation

  • Reduce churn

  • Reduce branch space and branch staffing levels

  • Reduce the need to open more branches

  • Holistic sales focus vs transactional focus

  • Improve turnaround on customer service (time to decision and time to fulfillment)

  • Entice customers to move to a more profitable service channel

At its core, Adastra’s Virtual Branch is about getting your business online. The world is becoming increasingly dependent on interactions over the internet and a virtual space where you can connect your business to people helps achieve that.

  • Reduction of travel costs to clients by 70%

  • 50% improvement in customer satisfaction

  • 1.5x increase in the number of business meetings thanks to saved travel time

  • 3D objects and environments are 38% more attractive to customers

  • 44% of customers prefer interacting with 3D objects before video chatting

Please note that the price and timeline will vary depending on the scope of the project. Book a free consultation with us to learn more.