Azure Automation: 4h Assessment

akquinet GmbH

We will take a deeper look into possibilities to automate regular Tasks and optimize costs using Azure Automation Tools, no matter if an Azure Infrastructure is existing or or needs to be planned.

During this 4hour Assessment we, together with you, will take a look at your current azure architecture and show you possibilities to automate your operating tasks such as Scheduled Application consistent Shutdowns and Booting, or Automating your Update Process. We also show possibilities on how you can automatically deploy your current environment or potential new infrastructure and services. If you have concrete needs, we will focus on them. Our goal is always to understand the customer and deliver what he needs in terms of support, expertise and financial aspects.

While analysing your environment we will show you possibilities of Azure Automation Tools including • Automated Boot and Shutdown Procedures also in regards to application consistency • Automated Update Management for Azure and On-premises Infrastructure and Services • Methods of automatic Deployment and Configuration of complex environments • Automated Alerting

During the last years we gathered experience and knowledge in many parts of Microsoft Azure such as • Automization of new and existing environments • Scaleability of a number of different applications • Migration of workloads to and inside of Microsoft Azure • Architectural and Technical Design of environments operated in Microsoft Azure • Always adapting new technologies Based on Microsoft Azure Services and Infrastructure