Licenses Management tool Imp - 10 wks

Alfa Connections Pte Ltd

Licenses Management tool allows the flexibility for organization with multiple countries presence to delegate the user management and license management to localized administrators.

This is a custom service to help customers conceptualized their expectations from whiteboard design and clarification, to development and deployment of the Licenses Management tool. Price and duration of the services is dependent on the complexities of the functions and features to be incorporated into the tools. This offering will includes consultancy services, to evaluate the needs and functional requirements, follow by designing of the information field layout, creating the mock up to finalize the expected layout, development of tool functionality and finally to deploy the Licenses Management tool for production use. This tool is applicable for all industries and the intention is to allow system administrator to better manage licenses and accountability, especially true when administrator need to allocate specific number of licenses to either branches in various countries or subsidiary companies or department. This service will require Azure services utilizations on Azure App Service Non specific, Standard Large App Service Hours, Standard Medium App Service Hours, Data Services SQL Database, Standard S2 Database Days, Standard S0 Database Days, Networking Non specific, Data Transfer Out & In (GB), Visual Studio Application Insights. This service will take around 10 weeks from consultancy to deployment, subjected to the complexity of customers requirements.