Data strategy: 8-Wk assessment

Align BI

Our proprietary data assessment will score your data maturity across 11 pillars, providing you with a custom data strategy to get your technology, people, culture and processes more data driven.

We provide a custom 11-pillar data assessment and strategy roadmap to make SMBs more data driven. A major part of this report will include various Azure related solutions to implement that data strategy.

For example, when it comes to building out the core analytics and machine learning support portions of a data strategy, we'd show how to use Azure Synapse, leveraging Azure Data Lake as the central repository, Azure Data Factory for data extraction and loading, and ultimately SQL Pools as the architected data warehouse. For machine learning, we'll show how to use Azure Machine Learning, or run python scripts from within Azure Data Factory, to build and run business critical models. We'll show how to share data with suppliers and customers via Azure Data Share. Other Azure functionality we leverage include Azure Data Catalog to enable cataloging and discovery of all data assets and Power BI to enable analytics and executive dashboarding.

In summary, we help customers connect their data strategy to their business mission and vision, build a personalized data roadmap, and implement data best practices across all 11 pillars of our data strategy framework.