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Azure Container Service: 10-Wk Implementation


Encapsulate legacy applications in containers: engineers at Altoros will enable smooth migration to Azure Container Service.

Altoros helps you to enable your existing business-critical applications to leverage the platform’s containerized runtime environment and production-grade capabilities.


Week 1. Portability assessment:

  • Evaluate portability of the applications. Estimate efforts required to port them to Azure Container Service
  • Single out the application(s) that may be migrated within 6 weeks
  • Plan the migration strategy and steps
  • Identify whether the apps require custom buildpacks and additional services
  • Evaluate the amount of required refactoring

Week 2–3. Refactoring:

  • Iterative application refactoring according to the 12-factor principles towards a cloud-native microservices pattern
  • Incremental decoupling of the monolith into a microservices-based application, whenever a more profound transformation of the customer’s development life cycle is required

Week 4–5. Migration:

  • Encapsulating applications in containers
  • Enabling applications on Azure Container Service
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines


  • A portability report for each application from the batch
  • A short-list of applications that can be migrated within the 6-week arrangement and/or require the least replatforming effort
  • An action plan for migrating the selected application(s) to Azure Container Service
  • A containerized application portfolio enabled on Azure Container Service
  • Full-test coverage and automated, reproducible delivery of application changes to production