AI and ML Readiness Navigator

ANS Group Limited

Define and build your AI and ML strategies in Microsoft Azure

ANS’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Navigator will help you overcome the complexities of adopting AI and ML in Microsoft Azure by demystifying the terminology and technologies involved. By looking at your current state vs desired future state, we can help you define and build your AI and ML strategies in Microsoft Azure to create new and exceptional value from your data, thus creating new opportunities within your organisation and your customers.

This assessment will provide you with:

  • Process Analysis: Defined AI & ML goals as well as showing you where you can add value, ensuring alignment to your business objectives.
  • Data analysis: Assessment of the quality, amount, ownership, access and availability of your data
  • State of the Market: Competitor analysis and cutting-edge technologies available.
  • Skillset: Identify the skills needed to ensure you have the right people.
  • Roadmap: Develop a roadmap for implementing AI & ML across your business including timelines, budgets and milestones.
  • Solution proposition: Evaluated costs and benefits of investments in the most appropriate infrastructure and skillsets.
  • Ensure ethical use: Establishing guidelines aligning with your company’s values and reducing risk.