Azure Virtual Desktop - 5 Days PoC


This is a three-week proof of concept engagement for Azure Virtual Desktop basic deployment in your environment for testing.

Increase end-user productivity by providing Azure Virtual Desktop for them. APENTO provides a customer engagement that provides a easy path to provide a quick remote desktop experience for end-users working from home and still staying productive.

Project Deliverables:

  • Project meeting; review Customer’s Azure environment and finalize project scope for AVD POC
  • Create Azure resources for Windows Virtual Desktop Proof Of Concept 
  • Connect both the Customer’s Active Directory to Azure Active Directory
  • Creation of WVD user groups, a service principal, and admin
  • Deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop Tenant in Azure 
  • Create a Tenant Group Multi session-host servers 
  • Deploy Host Pool/(s) for Windows 10 multi-session Office 365 for non-persistent desktops
  • Create a secure roaming user profile storage using Azure Files.
  • Configure FSLogix profile containers 
  • Deploy and configure a Host Pool for Windows 10 multi-session Office 365 persistent desktops
  • Deploy and configure a AVD Management Portal Web Service
  • Demonstration of deployed POC with Customer
  • Evaluation of the PoC - Decide on how to Get-To-Production

Following Azure services are leverage as part of the PoC: Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Networking, Azure FIles, Azure Storage, Azure Active Directory.