APN Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: 8 Days PoC


PoC of modern virtual desktop solution based on Microsoft Azure.

Provide access to the desktop and applications for your employees from anywhere in a safe manner.

The service enables employees to log into Windows 10 and use the Azure infrastructure. Thanks to this, we can automatically scale resources if an employee needs more resources. The employee can log in to his desktop from anywhere (office, home, hotel, etc ...)

As part of the Azure Windows Virtual Desktop implementation service, we offer requirements gathering, Azure infrastructure configuration, preparation of Windows 10 images, knowledge transfer, security configuration and testing execution.

The company will achieve real benefits from launching the services. It is worth mentioning a few of the most important:

  • lower TCO costs,
  • high resource scalability,
  • remote access
  • data and application security.

Scope of work of the service:

  • Analysis and collection of requirements for user desktops and applications [1 Day]
  • Development of the project the target structure of Windows Virtual Desktop [1 Day]
  • Implementation and configuration of the planned Azure WDI infrastructure [1 Day]
  • Preparation of Windows 10 images and knowledge transfer [3 Days]
  • MFA security configuration [1 Days]
  • Conducting acceptance tests [1 Day]