Azure Synapse Migration Assessment: 1-Day Workshop

Artis Consulting

A Jump Start to Your Modern Data Warehouse

Unlock Value and Scale with Azure Synapse Analytics

If your on-premises appliance has reached end-of-life, or you need to modernize a legacy data warehouse, take advantage of Artis Consulting’s Complimentary 1-Day Assessment Workshop to create an Azure Synapse Analytics migration plan.

Complimentary 1-Day Discovery Workshop

Artis Consulting will work with your Administrators and Architects to understand the current state platform and create a plan for a modern data warehouse. The primary deliverables are:

  • Migration Plan
  • Azure Consumption Estimate
  • Migration Services Estimate

Azure Synapse Analytics Migration (follow on)

Leverage Artis Consulting's deep expertise across numerous engagements to accelerate your migration.

  • Initial data load
  • Daily loads
  • Automation
  • Business-driven use cases

Why migrate to Azure Synapse Analytics?

  • Industry leading price and performance
  • Deep integration with Azure big data ecosystem
  • Optimize your investment - use the compute you need when you need it

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