AILA Sensor Intelligence | Arvato Systems: 5 Day Assessment

Arvato Systems

AILA Sensor Intelligence enables you to analyze sensor data in real time and permanently with the use of artificial intelligence.

The Arvato Systems AIoT Leverage and Automation Platform, or AILA for short, combines pre-developed AI modules for intelligent industrial solutions based on Microsoft Azure Technology. These include automated text recognition and text processing, the intelligent analysis and processing of images, and the analysis, evaluation and prediction of sensor data. Based on this platform, we develop your individual AI solutions. AILA Sensor Intelligence enables you to use artificial intelligence to analyze sensor data in real time and permanently. This makes condition monitoring possible. In addition, AILA Sensor Intelligence can predict machine failures or a plant stop, distinguishing simple start-ups from actual failures. Just like your plant, AILA Sensor Intelligence grows with you and adapts. A Human Feedback Loop allows you to make fully automatic and continuous improvement on your own, at any time.


  • Visualization of the plant status
  • Predictive maintenance is enabled
  • Early alarming with less false alarms at the same time
  • Independent marking of events - no data science expert required
  • Your plant knowledge flows directly into the AI and stays with you!