Cloud Adoption - 7-Day Technical Assessment


Knowledge and ability to perform tasks requiring complex analysis and precise solutions. We implement and manage services and provide maintenance and optimization support.

Cloud by Asseco has the expertise and know-how to perform analysis of software and hardware performance effectiveness as well as to verify the license compliance and to carry out IT environment audits. We provide consulting services witch help you to start Azure implementation or expand possibility of your Azure platform. We provide specialistic knowledge, and know-how that prepare organization to Azure migration comprehensively.

IT environment audit:  IT infrastructure  Network infrastructure  Database analysis  Security  Verification of the app ecosystem

Adjustment of Oracle environment within the following:  System performance efficiency  Environment configuration  Certificates compatibility and compliance  Support for the software version  License adjustment

Performance, load and stability tests of environments, systems and resources.  Indication of inefficient resources usage  Performance adjustment to the software and hardware possibilities  System stabilization  Estimation of the increase in needs considering the resources on hand  Elimination of elements hindering the current potential development

Key aspects of the environments audit

  1. Report on the currently owned resources
  2. Optimization and corrective conclusions and recommendations
  3. Recommendations for effective changes

Knowledge and experience available in each cooperation phase.

Cloud strategy Preparations carried out in cooperation with customer allows us to prepare such a strategy that unlocks greatest potential resulting from moving to a cloud, focuses on security processes and systems as well as projects the response to changes in the organization.

Solution planning Adapting the solutions to the organization needs and implementation of such a configuration that allows for smooth transition to the new level of cloud solutions. All that can be achieved thanks to thoroughly prepared strategy and cooperation of the group of experts.