PowerBI and DWH: 6 sprints implementation


Implement a PowerBI reporting solution with different data sources stored in Azure Datawarehouse

We address organizations that need a solution based on Azure and PowerBI to improve the reporting over different areas and departments.

The goal of the service is to obtain an MVP with the implementation of a consolidated balance and budget dashboards. This be carried out with a Cloud solution based on SQL Server or other sources as data origin, Azure Data Wharehouse, necessary ETLs and PowerBI as visualization component.

Additionally, the service includes the provision of training for the IT team oriented to architecture, monitoring, loading/ transformation and recharging processes. For the user areas, training is proposed for the use of the solution implemented in this service.

This service will be carried out with an agile approach:

  • Inception Sprint. We determine the real dimension of the work to be carried out and lay the solid foundations to be able to start the developments with guarantees.
  • Development Sprints. In the development sprints, the tasks defined in the roadmap delivered at the end of the Inception Sprints will be carried out.

We propose a service for a middle size MVP project, consisting of one inception sprint and five development sprints.