Avanade Azure VMware Solution Offering FY24

Avanade, Inc.

The Avanade Azure VM Solution offering is a comprehensive and modularized offering supporting organization to land their VMWare based workloads into an enterprise grade planned environment.

The Avanade AVS offering is delivered through a modular approach. Each stage is designed to align with our Customer’s broader journey to cloud supporting enterprise requirements and minimize business impact. Our approach leverages Microsoft and VMware recommended practices and Avanade’s extensive experience helping our Customer’s to adopt Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud implementations. This well-defined offering is defined along key areas of governance, implementation patterns, security, migration, operational toolset, and operational readiness to onboard and migrate VMWare workloads to the Azure VMware Solution environment with confidence.

The Avanade AVS offering delivers the following modules:

• Rapid discovery - Understand the current VMware environment, solution requirements, drive alignment on planning and timelines.

• Azure Platform Foundation - Address the enterprise grade Azure platform readiness and Azure VMware Solution environment for a new or existing Azure footprint.

• Azure VMware Solution transition - Application led well-planned migration and/or business continuity implementation of VMware based workloads into the established Azure VMware Solution environment.

• Azure VMware Solution operational readiness - Initial planning and concept shaping around operational readiness for Azure VMware Solution.