Avanade Purview Activation Accelerator FY24

Avanade, Inc.

Take the next step to better discover, understand, and trust your data. Implement Azure Purview in 4-6 Weeks with Avanade's Azure Purview Activation Accelerator.

In our minimum value product (MVP) engagement, our experts will gain a comprehensive understanding of your data ecosystem and stakeholders and demonstrate how an effective data governance foundation using Microsoft Azure Purview can help you better manage your data, and make accurate and improved key business decisions. Pricing will vary depending on the scope of the engagement.

Review current state and strategic objectives:

•Conduct stakeholder interviews to identify business challenges, opportunities, and key business scenarios

•Understand the data ecosystem and the respective owners of each dataset

• Identify priority challenges and the associated datasets in scope

• Review and define representative sets of content and associated business glossary

Review two (2) to four (4) data sources:

•Catalog each data source location, known lineage, business description, and the owner

Select twenty (20) to thirty (30) high value datasets for MVP:

•Define relationship between glossary terms

•Define classification strategy at different dataset level

•Define scanning strategy for each dataset

•Define up-to one (1) custom classifier (as required)

Implement the MVP:

•Execute the Microsoft Purview client activation Playbook

•Socialize insights with the leadership for review and feedback