Birlasoft DevSecOps Maturity: 5-Days Assessment


Control Cost, Risk and improve Efficiency by assessment of 5 days & adopting structured DevSecOps using Azure DevOps and Azure Cloud Services to improve your maturity.

Birlasoft's DevSecOps maturity assessment helps you get started with your Azure DevOps & Azure Cloud journey.

Our DevSecOps maturity assessment Azure chatbot will help you evaluate your current maturity. Our team of experts will further engage with you to Deliver a Vision & Strategy along with "Detailed Short term plan, High-level Midterm plan and Long-term strategy using Azure DevOps & Azure Cloud". We will further work with your teams to provide a detailed roadmap for increasing the maturity and handhold you in your DevSecOps journey.

Vision & Strategy DevSecOps culture is supported by People, Processes, Metrics, and tools. Governance & Operating model. DevSecOps COE with Standards, Guidelines. Zero-touch releases Zero downtime deployments Personalized, Focused, Actionable dashboards Control over Cost, Security, Risk & improve efficiency

Azure Benefit Azure DevOps & GitHub are comprehensive DevSecOps platforms that will fast track your adoption with a low-cost PAYG model Azure security center, AzSk(Azure Secure DevOps kit), App Insights, Log Analytics, Azure Policy, Azure Blueprints will automate your operation, monitoring and security. Power BI, Azure API apps will help create personalized Dashboard for C level executives, Program managers, and DevOps teams Microsoft Teams, Power apps improve convenience for performing day-to-day DevSecOps actions.


  1. In the beginning, the DevSecOps team will analyze the required business expectations & applications in scope.
  2. The current business state will be assessed, findings will be recorded and documented: 3)Future state will be defined using best practices around culture, people, process, operating model, and tools, gaps will be identified. 4)Using Azure DevOps & Azure Cloud services a detailed short-term, midterm, and long-term roadmap about the future state of the business will be provided for future growth and development.