Customer SmartDetect 1 day Assessment Offer


Mood detection with Azure Cognitive Services to prevent customer churn.

Detecting a customer at risk of leaving is a time-critical activity that often requires drawing on indicators of a customer's satisfaction level that are not formally captured in systems.

The Customer SmartDetect solution, utilising Azure Cognitive Services, allows businesses to detect the mood of a customer by the tone of their voice or their correspondence, rate the risk of customer churn and produce timely alerts to operational staff - all in real-time.

Key Benefits:

  1. Real-time Customer Sentiment Analysis couple with Machine Learning provides the likelihood of a customer churning
  2. Operational staff are enabled to take corrective action immediately
  3. Opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell becomes apparent as the customer temper, positivity, vocal mood and textual analysis of transcripts are analysed.
  4. Leverage Microsoft Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI to deliver a unified analytics solution

Our unique 1-day assessment offer includes:

  1. A half-day discovery session, collaborating with your team to explore your current cloud data platform readiness and how to leverage AI to streamline a nominated business process.
  2. A roadmap covering recommendations to assist in your journey to establish real-time analytics for customer service.