Azure ARC Workshop

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Azure ARC: Bringing the Cloud to Your Doorstep! Experience the streamlined management of intricate and dispersed environments, spanning private & public clouds, data canters.

Azure Arc represents a significant leap towards introducing cloud-first hybrid management for microservices, data, and traditional services. Our primary emphasis lies in standardization, interoperability, and compliance, providing you with valuable insights and management capabilities through the central Azure control plane. This workshop promises to transform your perspective on hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises management. By harnessing Azure Hybrid solutions, particularly Azure Arc, you'll effortlessly modernize your infrastructure management and daily operational processes, ushering in a new era of efficiency and convenience. Your journey towards enhanced hybrid management starts here.


Azure Arc is a set of technologies and management services offered by Microsoft Azure that enable organizations to extend Azure's capabilities to manage and govern resources that are located outside of the Azure cloud environment. Azure Arc essentially allows you to bring your on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge resources into the Azure management and governance framework. This provides a unified management experience, consistent governance policies, and access to Azure services for these distributed resources.

Key Feature:

  • Resource Management: Azure Arc enables you to connect and manage various resources, including physical and virtual servers, Kubernetes clusters, and data services, regardless of whether they are in your on-premises data centre, other cloud providers, or edge locations.
  • Single Control Plane: With Azure Arc, you get a single control plane in the Azure portal that allows you to view and manage all your resources, regardless of where they are located. This provides centralized visibility and control over your entire infrastructure.
  • Policy and Governance: You can apply Azure Policy and Azure Security Centre policies consistently across all connected resources, ensuring compliance and governance requirements are met uniformly across your environment.
  • Security: Azure Arc enhances security by extending Azure's security capabilities, such as Azure Defender, to protect your on-premises and multi-cloud workloads. It provides unified security management and threat protection.
  • Monitoring and Insights: Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics can be used to collect and analyze telemetry data from connected resources, offering insights into the health, performance, and security of your infrastructure.
  • Resource Deployment and Configuration: You can deploy and configure resources using Azure Resource Manager templates, ensuring consistency in resource provisioning and configuration across different environments.
  • Data Services: Azure Arc for data services allows you to deploy and manage Azure data services like Azure SQL Managed Instance and PostgreSQL Hyperscale on your infrastructure outside of Azure while benefiting from Azure management and governance.
  • Kubernetes Management: Azure Arc extends Kubernetes management capabilities, allowing you to connect, configure, and apply policies to Kubernetes clusters running anywhere, including on-premises and other cloud providers.
  • Server Management: You can manage Windows and Linux servers across your hybrid and multi-cloud environment, including tasks like updating, patching, and inventory management.
  • Edge Computing: Azure Arc extends Azure services to edge locations, enabling you to manage and deploy applications and services at the edge while maintaining centralized management and governance.



  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Overview of Azure Arc and its significance.
  • Briefly discuss the workshop's objectives.

Azure Arc Basics

  • What is Azure Arc?
  • Key benefits and use cases.
  • High-level architecture overview.

Connecting Resources

  • How to set up your Azure Arc environment.
  • Installing and configuring the Azure Arc agent.
  • Connecting on-premises resources to Azure.

Azure Arc for Servers

  • Server management capabilities.
  • Overview of policies and configuration management.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting.

Azure Arc for Kubernetes

  • Introduction to Kubernetes management with Azure Arc.
  • Connecting and registering Kubernetes clusters.
  • Applying policies and configuration management.

Q&A and Discussion

  • Open the floor for questions and discussion.
  • Address specific use cases or challenges raised by participants.
  • Provide resources for further learning.


  • Workshop Materials
  • Resource Templates and Scripts
  • Reference Documentation
  • Networking Opportunities