DRaaS Solution Pilot - 2 Week Implementation

Brainscale Inc

BrainScale’s DRaaS service enables you to protect applications and data from natural/human disasters or service disruptions by enabling a full recovery in the cloud.

BrainScale’s DRaaS solution helps you measure the impact, establish comprehensive recovery objectives and tests these metrics in a simulated environment. Our proven process and service frameworks ensure DR drills are performed with little to no downtime on production.

The BrainScale DRaaS solution helps your business quickly establish DR tiers and their respective service frameworks - combination of tooling and scripts customized for assorted workloads. With a four-tier recovery solution, BrainScale’s DRaaS uses industry-recognized backup and replication software as well as Microsoft Azure replication technologies to meet your business’ Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).


Day 1: Discovery • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for Application • Requirements for DR Tier RTO/RPO • (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) • Application Assessment / Infrastructure Assessment

Day 2-6: Design / Implementation • DR Cost Estimate Creation and Approval (Protection • Cost/Running Cost) • DR Architecture Design (Infrastructure Architecture diagram • IAD creation) • Implementation of DR environment (Non- • Production/Production) in Azure • Scripting and pre-staging of IaaS/PaaS components using • Azure Native technologies

Day 7-10 • Mock Failover Test of Resources • DR Test of Lower Environment using ASR • Validation of RTO/RPO • DR Drill of Production environment • Postmortem Report • DR Recovery Document