Windows Virtual Desktop Rapid 2 Wk Implementation

Brainscale Inc

In BrainScale's 2-week rapid deployment program, we deploy up to 25 WVD desktops in 2 weeks to enable your employees to work remotely, productively, and securely.

Why use Windows Virtual Desktop? • Advantage of Azure Cloud, Scalability / Pay per Use model / global PaaS solution. • Very short lead time, deploy and scale in minutes. • Windows 10 mutli-session capability providing significant cost advantage. • Full desktops and remote applications • Significant cost reductions through pooled host pools • Faster time-to-market vs on-premises VDI solutions

BrainScale will enable/deploy WVD environment in 2 weeks with below deliverables. • 25 VDI Desktops in Azure subscriptions • WVD architecture design • Setup VNet/Subnet, peering and Firewall Ports required for WVD • Work with client for sizing of Host VM’s for Personal or Multisession requirements • Creation of WVD Tenant / Host Pools / Session Hosts /App Groups • FSLogix user Profile setup for pooled WVD on Azure Storage or File share Server • Windows 10 multisession image setup for pooled WVD • Basic Monitoring dashboard for WVD with log analytics • Full Desktop and/or App Setup as needed • Knowledge transfer