Sustainable Supply Chain with Smart Technologies


Accelerating value-driven Supply Chain with Digital Twins

Global supply chain is an integral part of almost every business, comprising a wide range of events from Factory to Front door. Customer expectations, global disruptions & unforeseen incidents have mandated to bring end-to-end visibility, build ways for resilience in creating successful & future proof supply chains. Businesses are also embarking on their journey towards more sustainable supply chain, as they thrive to build strong & lasting customer relationships founded on trust & mutual relationships. 

Our solution is adopting transformational potential of digital technologies to unlock real-time monitoring, effective decisions in increasing operational efficiencies & step towards sustainability. Makes supply chain more mature, efficient, effective, agile, resilient & sustainable.

Solution Highlights: Leverages potential of Azure Cloud Platform & Digital Twin technology, as a bridge between physical & virtual worlds, to 1. Collect Data, 2. Analyze Data, 3. Run Simulations to Make Predictions, 4. Visualize Insights, 5. Enable Data Driven Decisions, 6. Optimize & Run to improve visibility, operational efficiency, mitigate risks, uncover new business opportunities & to fulfill sustainability agenda. 

Provide greater visibility across supply chain to identify patterns & discover opportunities to improve cost to serve

Run multiple scenarios in parallel & shorten time to answer different questions in different areas, show trade-offs to conclude best strategy & pivot quickly

Discover bottlenecks early on, monitor risks & test contingencies, take actions to eliminate inefficiencies & optimize processes

Plan alternate logistics, routes, suppliers, raw materials & optimize inventory to reduce carbon footprint while meeting profitability & sustainability targets

Analysis of financials, KPIs, iterate responses to bounce back quickly by testing operations while reducing cost of recovery

Enable procurement & finance empowered with data needed to adapt quickly to changes in demand, production & make decisions that improves overall business objectives

Create a playbook of options to respond to crisis before they happen & bridge potential points of failure without involving all departments or impacting their productivity

ESG & Carbon Emissions scores for each shipment calculated and alternatives recommended to give organizations options to view sustainable procurements.

Digital twins for continuous monitoring, diagnosis & analysis to avoid loses, predict supply chain breakdowns, better utilize resources, optimize networks, reduce carbon emission to future-proof processes.