Capgemini Reflect IoD - Digital Twin for augmented asset operation : 12 Wk Implementation

Capgemini Group

Capgemini ReflectIoD is a cloud-native digital twin platform that helps organizations transform their operations and maintenance by federating data from multiple systems and formats.

With a holistic view of all the assets data generated throughout its lifecycle, ReflectIoD enables data-centric collaboration and alignment between teams across multiple geographies, facilitates decision-making based on data and insights, and enables the creation of new services. Industries are more and more capital and resource intensive: improving asset performance while building sustainability is not a side but a critical topic. Today most companies operating assets are facing similar challenges: • Increasing demand for asset availability and reliability, • Increased pressure for production flexibility in both volume and mix while improving efficiency, • Necessity to drive down the total cost of asset ownership, • Compliance with ever increasing and demanding regulations and industry standards.

In the meantime, assets produce a lot of data, at different times, in different formats, by different actors with the data often hosted in IT silos. This prevents industrial actors from accessing quickly the right data and having a 360° view of the assets to optimize operations and maintenance.

A cloud-enabled platform will help our customers with: • Integrating and federating data – static “cold “ and dynamic “hot” data as well as descriptive and transactional data - from all relevant source • Offering augmented and collaborative services with an intuitive UX/UI, is the best solution to solve this “data problem” and create efficiency in Operations.

ReflectIoD was conceived and developed in that sense. It is a cloud native platform available on Azure, and hence is highly available and scalable by design. It is based on open-source components, with documented APIs. It has an intuitive, state of the art and customizable UX/UI, and is IFC and ISO 55000 compliant. ReflectIoD integrates and federates data from multiple systems and formats of which: 1D to 3D, Point cloud, Geographical information, OT and IoT data as well as transactional system (ERP, PLM, EAM) data, into a unique referential: the asset digital twin.

ReflectIoD enables 3 families of use cases around asset digital twins and thus enhancing the use of Azure for our customers : • Smart data management, from qualified ingestion through smart modeling and visualization:

  1. Multi format data collection (more than 60), as well as native integration of geographical information data (ESRI, OpenStreetMap) and documents, powered by data quality check and validation processes,
  2. Flexible and evolutive data models by industry and company
  3. 360° view, including hybrid mock-up combining 3D and point cloud, and Rest APIs to access federated data base

• Intelligent monitoring, from smart data access to performance monitoring:

  1. Supervision and monitoring of assets powered by cognitive search capabilities and multi- windowing
  2. Alerts, incidents and overall equipment effectiveness management, with native IoT integration
  3. Integration and intuitive navigation between 3D and business intelligence/reporting

• Augmented maintenance, from virtual preparation through assisted work order generation to immersive remote assistance:

  1. Virtual intervention preparation powered by easy access to the 360 view, link with similar operations and hybrid mock-up analysis
  2. Native integration with standard EAM systems: SAP, Maximo, Infor
  3. Native integration with remote assistance solutions

The Proof of Value Approach and Business Model

  1. Our Proof of Value approach combines the assessment and prioritization of use-cases (short-term and long-term), and the IS/IT architecture and infrastructure requirements to implement them.
  2. In 8 to 10 weeks the Proof of Value will give clear, tangible answers of why and how to rollout a Digital Twin platform to foster operational excellence for our customers. The PoV depends on client requirement and cannot disclose the usage of Azure on public platform.
  3. We have already tried and tested this approach with a number of industrial customers, including Suez, Technip, Veolia, Alstom, Black and Veatch.

Ready to use, easily configurable and scalable, Reflect IoD enables by design a real use case and data-driven approach that will deliver value while avoiding fruitless studies and tunnel effects. Prioritizing use cases according to both business value and data reachability and quality is the best way to demonstrate the value of digital twins on the ground while fueling the spiral of success : • The Reflect IoD platform will be live for you at T0 + 3 weeks • Then, first use cases in real data context will be deployed, leveraging agile method, to validate ROI while getting first user return on experience at T0 + 8 to 10 weeks

In parallel, the assessment of both business pain points and IS/IT architecture and infrastructure requirements will fuel a future deployment and integration roadmap to scale -up while incrementally enrich the solution and data model based on your priorities and user returns on experience.