Fast Track Assessment on Azure


Fast Track Assessment & Industry-Specific Solutions to Transform Your Business

Click2Cloud’s Fast Track Assessment Solution is one of the biggest growth drivers to seamlessly connect hybrid data sources, which helps customers to provide analytics, automated assessment, and industry-specific AI/ML solutions to enable ease of cloud journey. Retail, Manufacturer, Aviation, Finance, Bank, Healthcare, Government, or Media no matter what business you are in, Click2Cloud takes your business to the next level. We partner with Microsoft to build a best practice to serve clients with cloud migration strategies. Click2Cloud delivers cutting-edge analytical dashboards & customized applications solutions to help clients achieve higher productivity on Azure, from a simple lift-and-shift to a full-service cloud migration or application modernization. A Faster Assessment on Azure engagement can range from 3-4 weeks and Our cloud solutions help customers and partners to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation with real time analysis. We specialize in Apps and Infra, Data & AI, Modern work, Biz app-based solutions assessment; rapid prototyping with Low code No code and K8S based solutions. Engagement outline:

  • Kick-off and Mobilization
  • Intake and installation
  • Scanning and data collection of all identified servers in scope
  • Reporting and recommendations
  • Presentation of results (Assessment Executive Summary Report) Assessment Deliverables:
  • Discovery: Data collection
  • Financial analysis: TCO/ ROI – Detailed cost and financial analysis
  • Migration plan: Current Environment summery
  • Recommended Next Steps: Customer Proposal
  • Business case demonstrating the value story
  • Executive summary
  • Clear next steps post assessment

Assessment Types:

  • Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment
  • Application and Database Modernization Assessment
  • Analytics Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Modern Workplace Assessment
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Assessment
  • Data Warehouse Migration Assessment
  • Mainframe Modernization Assessment
  • SAP on Azure Migration Assessment
  • Power Platform Assessment
  • Contract Optimization Assessment
  • Sustainability Assessment