App Modernization using AKS – 2 wk Implementation

Cloud IQ Technologies

During the 2-week implementation, we use our proven approach - a well-defined set of best practices, pre-built accelerators & focused training to completely de-risk your app modernization journey.

Businesses need to modernize applications to achieve faster time to market, improve quality, scalability, and gain cost efficiencies. Our proven implementation plan gives you a head start.

Week 1 - Agenda


We start with an overview of cloud-native application design, strategies & steps to becoming a truly cloud-native application to be able to scale and gain cost efficiencies.

Identify application to be modernized

CloudIQ will work with your team to identify one app/module to modernize & deploy into scalable AKS environment.

Provision outer architecture

The Outer architecture includes - infrastructure on which individual microservices are deployed, discovering & connecting to microservices, releasing new versions of microservices, communicating between microservices, & security. CloudIQ has pre-built accelerators to deploy outer architectural components giving you a head start. The comprehensive accelerator includes

  • Azure deployment topology comprising of network infrastructure, security architecture, compute & storage provisioning via terraform scripts
  • API gateway to expose business APIs internally & externally
  • Routing service that route requests to relevant cluster/service pod
  • Load balancing that scale multiple instances based on load
  • Service registry to help discover the endpoints
  • Azure DevOps pipelines for application delivery lifecycle
  • Feature flags for A/B testing
  • Dynamic config management via App Config
  • Traceability & pre-built monitoring dashboards for infrastructure, networking & apps
  • Cost management reports to optimize cloud spend
  • Secret management via Azure key vault

Week 2 - App Modernization & Next steps

CloudIQ will closely work with your engineers to fully modernize the app and deploy into AKS using the outer architecture provisioned in week 1. Our experts will then provide guidelines & next steps on how you can leverage the outer architecture to migrate or create cloud-native apps.