Cloud Competency Framework: 5 Week Assessment


The Cloud Competency Framework shows an Enterprise organization their current skill gaps and accelerates the transition of their existing team to a more cloud-focused team.

When your team is cloud-focused it allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud at a faster rate.

All Cloud Competency Framework assessments follow the same two-step agenda outlined below.


Kickoff and Discovery (1-2 Weeks)

  • Kickoff Workshop: Team introductions, delivery approach & timeline, clarification of deliverables, and agreement on project plan.

  • Discovery Workshop:

  1. Understand business goals and priorities
  2. Identify new cloud team structure and purpose (CCoE, Cloud Competency Center, Cloud Steering Committee)
  3. Gather necessary information to perform skills assessment and create the new competency framework
  4. Identify roles and responsibilities of cloud team

Documentation and Presentation (2-4 Weeks)

  • Documentation: Create the following documentation:
  1. Cloud Values and Principles
  2. Skills Assessment
  3. Upskilling Journey
  4. Framework Execution Guidelines
  5. Executive Summary Presentation (Slide Deck)
  6. Next Steps Proposal(s)
  • Presentation: Present Executive Summary

  • Closure and Next Steps: Discuss project results and logical next steps


  1. Cloud Values and Principles
  2. Competency Matrix
  3. Role Scorecard
  4. Skill Sheets
  5. Use Cases
  6. Interview Questions
  7. Self-Assessment Tool
  8. Onboarding Plan
  9. Upskilling Paths
  10. Individual Development Plan
  11. Execution Plan

NOTE: Please see screenshot titled Deliverables with Descriptions for more information on the above.