Azure Cloud Migration: 4 Week Assessment

Cloud Teams ApS

Cloud Teams’ Azure Migration Service is designed to ensure, through advanced tools and solutions, that your migration to Azure cloud is driven by security, agility and increased Performance.

Cloud Teams’ Azure Cloud Migration Service is a predefined and tightly scoped assessment that is designed to identify optimization potential in your network, ensure that migration is backed by strategy and right-size your architecture in the cloud. Whether it Is related to data and infrastructure or cloud modernization, we will be able to supply a baseline for existing state and give recommendations with regards to reaching your desired state. Based on advanced tools, we can gain insights into your organization’s network and extract relevant data from your network that is required in relation to the area you are most concerned about. All of our assessments follow the same documented process in three main phases; 1) Data Collection, 2) Analysis and Reporting, 3) Presentation and Workshop. The Data Collection phase is partly managed by Cloud Teams where we offer relevant tools for the data collection and technical support from our engineers to implement and run the tools. The Analysis and Reporting phase where Cloud Teams will consolidate the data that has been collected and analyze the data in accordance with the scoped assessment and build flat PDF report in combination with interactive Power BI reports to share with the customer. Eventually, the customer and Cloud Teams will connect in a presentation meeting which includes a workshop that highlights the recommendations for future state and helps prioritize the actions for moving forward and realizing the benefits from the assessment. In most cases, Cloud Teams is a relevant partner for you to realize the potential from the assessment result and reach your desired Azure environment.