Codurance's 2-hr Software Modernisation Briefing

Codurance Ltd

Codurance’s 2 hour free briefing will help you understand how to drive .NET software modernisation and Azure innovation within your organisation. Plus, we’ll give you advice on where to get started.

Technology is increasingly put at the heart of an organisation’s strategy for growth and success. However, outdated, inflexible legacy systems and underperforming teams can mean that taking advantage of new cloud technologies is out of the reach of many organisations, particularly for organisations where technology and product are misaligned.

Codurance’s Software Modernisation approach can help you understand how to evolve your strategic systems to enable technical and cultural change, enhance business agility, and make innovation possible. We'll show you the reasons and steps to take to migrate your .NET apps and workloads to Azure and how to accelerate your ability to modernise using a Cloud Native Application Development approach.

The first part of our briefing is a presentation by one of our Senior Leaders who will discuss:

  • What is Software Modernisation
  • Business & technology drivers for change
  • Challenges and impediments to modernising
  • Creating a strategic approach
  • Aligning the business and technology vision, strategy and priorities
  • Modernising .NET applications using Azure services

The second part of the briefing will be an open Q&A session where we will dive into your challenges, discussing the reasons why you think your software has become an obstacle to your business agility.

We’ll also discuss the aspects of the talk that resonated most for your business and challenges, why they are important and some ideas about prioritising and how to get started.

A few days after the briefing, we will provide you with a report detailing our understanding of your current challenges based on the discussions and how we think Codurance’s Software Modernisation approach could help you create and build the path to positive change using Azure services and the latest technologies for application scalability, resiliency, and agility.