Coforge’s DQXpress

Coforge Limited

DQXpress is Coforge's DQ accelerator, provides Data Quality profiling, and corrects the DQ issues.

Coforge’s DQXpress accelerator enables comprehensive DQ profiling with statistical insights, DQ rules setup based on six dimensions (Completeness, Consistency, Conformity, Duplication, integrity, and accuracy), correcting the source data quality issues, DQ assessment report which elaborates DQ issues w.r.t DQ dimensions and DQ results reports.

While loading data into DW/Data marts (Azure synapse/Azure SQL DB/Azure PostgreSQL) data quality will be applied on the ADLS Gen2 raw layer through Coforge’s DQXpress and quality data will be loaded into the silver layer. Source data will be loaded into the raw layer through ADF, and it is the input for the silver layer.

Coforge is having dedicated DQ framework enabled with DQXpress, which supports right from planning to till deployment of DQ in production environment.

• Define: Identify the success of the data. • Profile and Assess: Get data profile report, Define Domains, DQ Rules • Execute: Execute DQ process and Rectify data • Validate: View DQ report and Check DQ Improvement

Here is an overview of some major takeaways:

There are various benefits that we can achieve with DQXPress: • Increase Business Performance • Leverage actionable insights • Maximize revenue opportunities • Increase confidence on data • Eliminate waste and reduce cost • Enhanced and accurate reporting • Enhanced ability to meet regulatory compliance • 40%-to-50%-time, rework reduction due to automatic DQ process implementation • 30% to 50% Quality improvement on data compared to manual data correction • Performance optimization on data available on Azure Cloud.