Accelerator Workshops: 3 days

Computer Concepts Limited

Whether you are just starting out or well along the path to cloud transformation, the Accelerator Workshop can help identify your best next-step and provide best practices.

Every client’s journey to cloud is different. Whether a client is just starting out or well along the path to cloud transformation, this workshop can help identify their best next-step and provide best practices.

Workshops can cover a range of topics including cloud strategy and economics, application inventory and readiness, organisational development, cloud operations, DevOps, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and/or digital innovation.

The Accelerator Workshop is built to a client’s needs, and in 1-3 days the workshop can provide the client with a plan for:

  • Determining the right workloads for cloud and what to do with them;
  • Achieving governance and compliance in the cloud;
  • Understanding and managing cloud costs;
  • Perform a deep-dive into a selected technology; and/or
  • Aligning business stakeholders around cloud.

This service, through its varied workshops, addresses the interests and needs of clients transforming to Microsoft Azure, and will deliver the insights and guidance needed to help clients make a decision about how to transition to Microsoft Azure, and the strategy for doing so. Stakeholder participation helps alignment across the teams, while also helping ensure a transformation progresses to its next stage.

A typical agenda would be:

  • Engagement Objectives (Day 1)
  • Solution Overview (Days 1-2)
  • Engagement Approach
  • Activities & Deliverables
  • Assumptions
  • Timeline
  • Resources and Estimated Cost (Day 2)
  • Rough Order of Magnitude Pricing (Day 3)
  • Proposal Summary (Day 3)
  • Next Steps Discussion (Day 3)

Estimates for the delivery of this service may vary based on the scope of the workshop and the topics to be covered, their complexity, the knowledge and understanding of the personnel involved, and the availability of key personnel.