Cloud Migration

Concurrency, Inc.

Migration of virtual machine (and other) resources to Azure via lift-and-shift or refactor

Concurrency assists companies with the migration of resources to Azure via lift-and-shift or refactor activities. This project requires a Cloud Adoption Framework consistent landing zone (see other Landing Zone and Governance offer for help there). Concurrency will review applications from a Solution Assessment, prepare wave plans, and migrate workloads per the agreed plan. This includes:

  • Review of existing landing zone for suitability
  • Review of team readiness
  • Planning of application readiness
  • Wave planning for the migration
  • Schedule definition and responsible parties
  • Agreement on wave plan and schedule
  • Migration of workloads per wave plan
  • Build of micro-segmentation and infrastructure-as-code pipelines
  • Configuration of backup and recovery for workload
  • Validation of migrated workloads with team
  • Training of customer team on migrated workload