Windows Virtual Desktop Jump Start: 5-Days Imp


WVD Streamlined Design and Implementation

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Jump Start engagement is a 5 days long solution to help customers to quickly respond to crisis or emergency situations where enabling remote work for employees using Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service to keep the business up and running is the top priority.


As organizations were forced to implement remote work due the pandemic globally they encountered that such move requires end-to-end approach for all company business applications including legacy apps to be securely accessed from everywhere and from every device. Majority of companies lack technical experience and project approach required. Azure WVD service which enables a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere and virtually for everyone. The quality and security of Azure WVD solution directly depends on planning and implementation of Azure IaaS, Networking, Monitoring and Security which are covered by this solution as well.

Project benefits

  1. Leveraging Microsoft Best Practices to ensure fast and low-risk deployment
  2. Integrate WVD to your current Azure topology or build Azure infrastructure from the scratch including monitoring, security and disaster recovery etc.
  3. Knowledge sharing which allows you start managing the solution ASAP


The project consists of 2 main project phases:

WVD Design • Identify customer requirements for the WVD solution • Identify Azure Platform gaps to deploy WVD • Design for WVD Personal or Pooled desktops • Design for scale • Architect led workshops to understand the technology and capabilities. WVD Implementation • Implement a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool for Personal or Pooled Desktops • Leverage Windows 10 marketplace image with Office Pro Plus • Demonstrate both browser-based option, Windows app and iOS/android app for connectivity • Enable MFA and Identity Protection for WVD Users