Deploy Sitecore on Azure in China: 1hr Assessment

Copenhagen Mist

Assessment session with our Sitecore Azure experts to match your Sitecore performance goals in China.

Deploying Sitecore into the Chinese market can be extremely challenging. Copenhagen Mist is the first to develop highly functional and scalable Azure solutions that work with your existing Sitecore deployment in China.

We accomplish this easily by deploying your Sitecore cloud environment on Azure Blueprint, which leverages Azure's Chinese data centres to host your Sitecore CD server in-country. 

By extending your solution on Azure China, we can not only improve your personalisation performance in China, but globally, as well. 

During the assessment session our Sitecore Azure architects will:

1. Assess your requirements. 
2. Introduce you to our approach to establish a Sitecore presence in China.
3. Propose an Azure based solution that is best suited to match your Sitecore performance goals in China.
4. Share a detailed cost estimation and an onboarding plan that meets your project scope. 

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