Artificial Intelligence & Data Science - Tailored Consulting Services: 1 Hour Briefing

Cubalytics GmbH

Tailored consulting services to seamlessly simplify your Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions using Azure's market-leading tools, capabilities and architectures.

We are experiencing a world with applications of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence all around us - daily. And irrespective of your current AI footprint and Data Science maturity, challenges exist in teams – whether during feasibility assessment, development or implementation and architecting, while addressing your business problem. Moreover, blending multiple “standalone” technology stack to design and deploy solutions add cost and complexity.

We offer expertise in simplifying this entire process by leveraging on Azure’s Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to help you build seamless, cost-effective secured solutions.

Our certified Azure Data Scientists hear you and guide you to precisely plan and execute a solid AI roadmap backed by Azure’s capabilities in extracting quality insights from your business.

In this insightful journey, we evaluate whether you really need Machine Learning based data insights solutions – and only if we evaluate a real need, we offer our tailored consulting services to help you lay a strong AI footprint starting from use case identification to PoC development to full scale AI development and deployment.

Briefing Outline

  • A brief introduction of you and us
  • Understanding your challenges
  • Evaluating if AI or Machine Learning is what you really need to address your problems
  • An overview of our offerings in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Your thoughts and ours – on what’s optimum for your needs

For whom?

  • Individuals and organisations
  • Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers
  • Decision-makers