WVD - Plan for Success: 1-Day Workshop

Cubesys Pty Ltd

Understand what you need to successfully deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).
In one day we will provide budget guidance, evaluate your readiness and build a tailored plan to deploy WVD.

Windows Virtual Desktop offers organisations across the global the opportunity to provide secure scalable remote worker solution, that can cater for legacy applications and corporate desktop environments. Providing users with the familiar workspace and all the data and apps they use in the office. At the same time, IT admins can reduce their workload and provide timely scale out capabilities.

To adopt WVD we first need a clear PLAN. We need economic data to support a business case and a technical roadmap to ensure we can successfully deploy within our organisations environment. The cubesys 1-day Plan for Success Session provides all the information you need to understand and get started with WVD.
Our experienced experts will work with you to:  Build an economic model  Assess readiness to adopt WVD  Build a technical roadmap  Address Legacy App concerns  and Plan for Success with WVD.

At the conclusion of the plan session, cubesys will provide a report providing your organisation with:

CONFIDENCE in budgeted spend for WVD CONFIDENCE in your readiness CONFIDENCE in how you will adopt WVD CONFIDENCE you can delivery End-User value CONFIDENCE in your PLAN to succeed.