Stock Market Trading using Azure ML: 3-Wks POC

Data-Core Systems, Inc.

Financial Prediction model for Stock Market Trading
Data-Core Systems will provide their best option using Azure based Machine Learning services, to build Financial Prediction model which will help analyze an investor's behavior / intentions and predict if they are interested to buy or sell in US Stock Market. **Objective:** * Collect sample data from investors. * Evaluate the relationship with an investor and a stock for Owner & Non-owner models in the Russell 3000. * The Financial Prediction Model trains on activities simultaneously over the last several quarters and characterizes each investor's sensitivity to as many factors on a sector basis. * Handles imbalance classification of data using low code programming. **Challenges:** * Characteristics of inventors that are MOST predictive in signaling likely incremental buyers. * Characteristics that suggest an investor is at risk of reducing their position. ***Use of Azure:*** Data-Core Systems Azure ML experts will provide consultancy services using Azure ML Studio and its data mining model & statistical techniques (Algorithms) for data preparation and Machine Learning. Microsoft's Azure ML Studio is also used to handle imbalance in classification of data using low code programming. **Goal:** * Automate scripts for data preparation. * To get recommendations for the company in the Russell 3000. * Provide prediction accuracy of greater than 65% depending on the quality and availability of the data.