Azure Cost Optimisation 1-day Assessment


Understand your Azure costs, reduce spent, right-size resources and advice on cost governance.

The cost optimization assessment’s objectives are to understand your company’s current Azure estate, use and over/underutilized resources, and help you design a strategic roadmap to remove or scale down/up your Azure services in order to reduce Azure spent. Ensuring the system performance remained unaffected, plus a series of recommendations to improve Azure cost management going forward.

Upon completion, we will deliver and walk you through a custom report with strategic recommendations to optimize your Azure spend every month and set a good governance process for better cost management.

This report can help your business create an internal business case and understand how to start to optimize your Azure spend and how to avoid high unexpected increases in the future.

Our Assessment Process

  1. Understand your company’s current Azure estate (current versus budget)
  2. Identify redundant and over-sized resources
  3. Provide a strategic report containing opportunities to decrease costs and right-size resources
  4. Includes recommendations to reduce Azure spending and improve governance going forward

Workshop Agenda: · ½ day workshop with main stakeholders to understand companies processes and internal skillsets.

Your customized report will include: • The actions to take/low-hanging fruit for quick wins to save $$$ • A list of resources that are redundant and can be disabled or removed • Identify cost savings opportunities and underutilized resources • Recommendations for improving the management of your resources and cost governance

Note: The assessment does not any changes to your environment nor implement any of our recommendations, we can do it for an extra cost.