Enterprise Database Migration to Azure: 4-Weeks Implementation

Data Meaning Services Group Inc

4-week Implementation that includes discovery, planning and migration of an on-premise database to Azure cloud by industry leading partner.

High level tasks included in this engagement: During the 4-week engagement, our consultants will work with the customer to perform a baseline assessment of the current environment (on-prem), develop a migration plan, create resources in Azure and finally migrate the scoped Database to Azure. The result will be an identical or agreed databases migrated from On-Premises to Azure.


Week 1: Discovery and Planning – This also includes overview of the current infrastructure, security requirements, Server overview, List of Databases to be migrated and a high-level migration plan. Week 2: Assessment and Azure – This includes running Migration Assessments on current databases for any issues. We will also create all required Azure Resources for the migrations including subscription setup if required. Week 3: Migration – This week, we will be migrating all the scoped databases and all relevant jobs to Azure. Week 4: Testing, Documenting & Support – Once the jobs have been migrated, we will focus on performance, testing and validating the entire migration.

Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • Successful Migration of On-Prem Database to Azure Cloud.
  • Migration Document
  • Recommendations if any for optimization of current processes & jobs.

The Actual cost of the engagement depends on an initial discovery around the volume of data, number of databases and the SQL Agent jobs.