Dedalus FinOps Analysis: 4 weeks implementation


This 4 week FinOps analysis provide continued governance of the Azure environment, establishing policies, control, processes and measurements that guarantee the adequacy and forecast of costs.

The Dedalus FinOps Analisys Implementation is a 4 weeks service designed to optimize the costs of the client's company through Azure Cloud Cost and Consumption Control Plans, Azure Cost Optimization, Resource Capacity Management Plan and Architecture Transformation Plan. This analysis proposes a model of continued governance of the environment, establishing policies, control, processes, cost optimization and measurements that guarantee the adequacy and forecast of costs.​

This solution is recommended for all Azure customers who need to stablish governance and ensure a cloud computing environment with costs under control through an excellent sense of planning and management.​

Work plan:

  1. Cost and consumption reduction plan for the Cloud Environment​
  • Costs Dashboard​
  • Cost notifications​
  1. Resource capacity management plan with a focus on cost reduction​
  • Cost visibility
  • Best practices
  1. Architecture Transformation Plan for cost reduction​
  • Reararchitecture Suggestions