Well-Architected Security Assessment (7-day)


Validate your cloud app workloads against best practices and Well-Architected principles. Improve your security posture and gain visibility through insightful reports with recommendations.

Improve quality and produce secure cloud architectures on Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework’s 5 principles are:
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of any architecture. The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Security survey is complemented with a technical scan of your cloud environment. DexMach uses its recognized expertise of managing Microsoft Azure cloud environments in combination with processes and technology tools to measure your current cybersecurity posture. To evaluate these security controls we follow security recommendations, reference architectures & security frameworks from organizations such as Microsoft, CIS Control Framework, MITRE Framework etc.

Assessment overview

Kick-off workshop (1-day) During the kick-off, the following topics are discussed and agreed:
  • Explain assessment methodology.
  • Gather current Azure Advisor score to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Define assessment scope.
  • Validate tooling access permissions.

Assessment (4-day) The assessment is conducted in workshop mode. For the defined scope, we execute the following activities:

  • Understand your current situation, concerns or business requirements potentially impacting the workload architecture.
  • Execution of Well-Architected Security survey. Amongst other we cover topics like Threat Analysis, Azure Governance, Confidential Computing, Secure DevOps, Azure Key Vault, Azure Security Center, Azure Defender, CASB, ...
  • Analyze current Advisor Score and recommendations for selected workloads.
  • Assessment review workshop.
Deliverables: Report with security recommendations.

Security Maturity Level Roadmap workshop (2-day) Deliverables: Azure Security implementation roadmap.