Threat Protection & Security POC (10-day)


Learn about Threat Protection and Vulnerability scanning capabilities to protect your cloud workloads likes Virtual Machines, storage, databases, containers, etc.

Threat Protection & Security Posture Workshops (3-day)

The goal of these workshops is to firstly identify which topics are valuable to you and secondly engage your stakeholders in these specific topics surrounding Azure Security Center. This can go from enabling DPO’s to classify and audit actions surrounding sensitive data, to providing posture management and advanced control across Cloud vendors, IaaS and PaaS workloads.


  • Discovery workshop
    • Capture today’s security concerns. Outcomes are input for the tailored security workshop.
    • Understand Azure Security technical capabilities
  • Tailored Security Workshop
    • Workshop Preparation & Delivery
    • Deep dive Azure Security Center
    • Deep dive Azure Defender
  • Scoping workshop for POC / pilot use cases

Proof-of-Concept / Production Pilot Implementation (7-day)

Engage in a POC / Pilot to build a solution that directly impacts the security posture of your cloud environment. For example, you have a highly containerized environment and want to perform vulnerability management on the container image build and pull/push process.


  • Implementation of POC / Pilot use case within or around Azure Security Center: Protect your cloud resources, like VMs, SQL, Kubernetes and storage using Azure Security Center and Azure Defender technologies.
  • Assess and understand how built-in cloud security improves your organization's security posture.
  • Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks
  • Explore recommendations and next steps based on POC / pilot outcomes (security roadmap).
  • POC / Pilot wrap-up & handover.


POC / pilot use case implemented with technical documentation.