Efficient Cloud Cost Management with FinOps: 3-Wk Assessment


Take control of your cloud spending and transform your business with FinOps. Utilise our Cost Dashboard, the FinOps framework, and the expertise of DexMach to potentially save up to 70% on cloud costs

Cloud cost management is crucial in today’s business landscape as companies increasingly rely on cloud services. Unlike traditional data center-based organizations where IT cost management offers limited savings, the cloud world presents an opportunity for optimization.

Value Proposition

Adopting FinOps as a cultural practice can offer businesses the opportunity to save up to 70% or more on cloud costs, making it a crucial strategy for cost optimization today. To initiate a mindset shift towards FinOps, an organizational transformation is necessary, comprising three phases: informing teams of cloud usage and ownership, optimizing it, and operating it as a continuous exercise.

Key Benefits

The FinOps framework includes four basic personas and a cross-functional team, known as a Cloud Cost Center of Excellence (CCoE), to manage the cloud strategy, governance, and best practices. The FinOps Domains represent a sphere of activity or knowledge, and every organization adopting FinOps will perform activities in all domains.

Cloud-native architecture can further improve operational excellence and lower cloud management costs by enabling automation, reducing the need for human intervention in production, and improving security.

At DexMach, we understand that adopting FinOps in a continuous manner is crucial for cloud cost optimization. Our approach to this process goes beyond providing a tool. We recognize the importance of having a FinOps practitioner who can interpret data from the dashboard to make informed decisions.

Our Smart Cloud Cost Insights capability offers a financial view of the entire Azure cloud environment, performs trend analysis, optimizes cloud usage, right-sizes resources, and reduces cloud spending. The tool also includes custom filters and simple PowerBI dashboard access, leveraging cost optimization best practices.

Optimizing resources based on demand is critical. Don’t consume and pay for resources that are not in use. Technology, such as intelligent monitoring systems and automatic smart optimization advisory solutions, can help save time and effort. Once a solid architecture and operational excellence are established, prioritize security before starting with a cloud cost management platform.


The DexMach approach to assist in cloud cost optimizations supports three levels of optimization areas. Our tooling facilitates the different phases which orchestrate activities of the FinOps framework:

  1. FinOps Information Gathering

    • Workshop to define target KPI's and connect DexMach cost insights tooling
    • Analysis and validation of the possible cost optimizations in line with customer ambitions
  2. Cloud Cost Optimization

    • In-depth analysis of your cloud environment to optimize your Azure services expenditure
    • Right-sizing of the cloud resources and services.
    • Microsoft reservations to lower cost
    • Platform & Application Modernization
  3. Cost in the Operating Model

    • Execution of the optimization tracks
    • Monthly evaluation of the results, report against predefined KPI's

In conclusion, FinOps provides significant cost savings by managing cloud costs through a cultural practice that involves cross-functional teams. DexMach Smart Cloud Cost Insights facilitates activities within the FinOps framework, providing organizations with a financial view of their cloud environment and the ability to optimize cloud usage and reduce spending. For more information on the cloud cost program and how DexMach can help your organization lower your cloud spend, please contact us.

The pricing may vary depending on the scope and requirements of your project. For detailed information about this offer, please reach out to us.